back in the saddle

wow its been so long and so much has happened…but I am back and settled and welcome your commentsNWellermccracken Mod 1 act 7 blue

exploring the design process, so here is a little sample of the colour blue



Use the link above to see the rules and to enter the pincushion challenge. I love going to a retreat and seeing everyones needle cases and pincushions. They run from the traditional strawberry to packed wool roving to anything goes. This challenge is so quick and easy and you end up with a personal pinchushion.

My friend Brenda gave me a cute little paper pieced rosette pin cushion a few years ago, filled with real emery, to keep my pins sharp. Its my favourite.

Here are just some that are in my sewing room, the star is made from an old worn out quilt from my friend’s grandmother, she made one for each of her daughters and they hang them on their Christmas trees.


Turning 50!

I spent my fiftieth birthday in the car driving all day, had dinner at a truck stop and stayed at what I am sure was the worst hotel I have ever been in. But it couldn’t be better because I was driving from Edinburough to Cardiff, on the trip of a lifetime and fulfilling my desire to see the land of my ancestors.

The previous week we had seen the North Sea, Sheer cliff faces, the Loch Ness monster, castles, ruins, viking haunts, haunted castles, kilts and cabers being tossed. We had dined on fresh fish, smoked fish, haggis, roast lamb, roast beef, ploughman’s lunches, all flavours of shortbread and of course chips.
We had bumped into a old friend from Canada leaving her Mom’s ashes in Scotland, made new friends and spent one afternoon with the Queen and Prince Philip.

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I know, I know..

Why no posts, been very busy lately but here is a few tidbits to tide you over.
Think of switching from quilting why not try beading.
Check out this amazing piece by Peggy Dembicer on flikr, a must see if you love the Beatles.

or perhaps doll stitchery is more to you liking, this reminds me of the class I took with Janice Vaine


Quilts of Denmark

Had a very busy week. First I was off to Ailsa Craig for the Quilts of Denmark show. Lovely show as always. Took the time to watch some of the demos. Great info, great products, all squeezed into just under a half hour. shopping in the vendor market I found a great deal on batiks from Cynthia of Cherished Pieces, $10 a meter since I need them for a class, I picked up a few. While I was paying a Danish lady, Elisabeth, asked me if I would share it with her, I said of course, and told her she would have to put me up when I come visit her. We had a lovely chat and she showed me her quilts in the show.

The next day I took a class with Karin Ostergaard – 3D Treasures from the Sea. Learned a lot of new techniques for embellishment. I finished my background fairly quickly when I found the perfect piece of batik I wanted to highlight. We couldn’t add our embellishments till background was quilted. So the organizing ladies got together and searched for some batting. The Marsh Shop (need to go there amazing shop) came though and I was quilting about 40 mins later. Great class met some very sweet quilters. Penny and Linda were delightful and generous. One woman and I got talking at lunch she was originally from Holland and we compared our thoughts of last year’s show. Then I told her about the graciousness and love that Jim and his dad experienced when they went to Holland a few years back. How they had stayed with a family of locally famous Olympic medal speed skaters, and all the people of the town felt Jim’s dad was the hero. Young people stopped them on the street to say hello and thank you. Made her cry, with national pride. The class project is almost complete. Karin was a delight.

Friday drove out to my $10 quilt class (not counting gas) One of the 20+ ladies in the class had invited me to stay on afterwards and attend the Sew Hungry Food Truck Extravaganza, look here for a quick video.–sew-hungry-ottawa-street-food-truck-rally-goes-friday
Parking – scarce, weather – perfect, variety – amazing. From gourmet cupcakes (my choice red velvet with cream cheese icing) to pulled pork parfaits (gravy, pork, layered with mashed potatoes served in a parfait glass) to bacon donuts (sold out) my choice Gorilla Cheese. Was 50 minutes in line fortified by above mentioned cupcake worth it for a grilled cheese sandwich? Oh yes! But any food truck would have been good I am sure, everyone I spoke with had a delicious lunch. By the time we had our sandwiches the line was twice as big.

Finished up my entry for ( Colourful Roots, they still need items pls see link. It was inspired by a piece Carolyn Flood had in the YHQG show. She graciously let me re produce it.

Pour l’Amour du fil – for the love of thread

Currently running is the Nantes, France Pour l’amour du fil show. If you love the magazine Quiltmania and want to see stitching and quilting ranging from inspirations of Afghanistan to pink bras, hop on a plane and take a lot of pictures or follow the blog of Kathy Doughty from Material Obsession on her journey there. With a stop at Kaffe’s place. If only…..
not to be missed tomorrow she will post pictures of the show.

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Have been Fishing up work on a twister/pinwheel quilt, wish I had read Elaine’s blog before I started. I knew there was a better way to cut the fabrics with less waste. Luckily I know a lady working on a 1″ unfinished postage quilt. She needs about 65,000 pieces so these should help her out. The quilt finishes at 10″ square, was originally made with a jelly roll that I already had so not to worried about the fabric cost. If you are going to try it remember that the ruler always need to be the same way up. I learned the hard way. mis-cutting two squares.
And the hit of the Circle/Twilter party a little fabric tray from the dollar store. just the right size to hold a ton of junk as you move about the house with your stitching. Much envy. I suppose I’ll need to keep my eyes open and look for more.
Just rec’d a fantastic pattern for a future tinners project but cannot show you as it’s a surprise. And just finished two blocks for other tinners ladies, again sorry no pics. Don’t worry I’ll save them all and post at the end of the year.

First nice to hear from an old acquaintance, who is a great quilter. Been so busy lately that I haven’t been checking out too many other peoples blogs. Some local blogs I like to follow…
naturalgrrl’ who does not really post all that often, HINT, HINT JP, but her last post is on the Wellington County Museum, display of Log cabin quilts, still on till May 25th.
and If you read the latest post you’ll see beautiful scrap quilt DA has just done, gorgeous! And she says she used uglies? They did not turn out that way. If you go to her blog look at a button she has there a new BOM starting in July for all you Christmas fanatics.
Had a great class today, started off a little crazy, I welcomed my first student with a “OH CRAP!” Still in my jammmies, oops! But maybe that will be what my studio will be known for. Sleeping in? No. Comfort, come sew in your underwear, jammies or less!
It was Antique Quilts today, I have finished another block for Morrell Quilt and we worked on some tricky Dear Jane blocks.

Update on Houston – doing much better – almost back to normal. We had a little sit and sew party yesterday and she greeted everyone with joy, except BA, because she was stuck under the dining room table at the time. She was very good warming feet most of the day. Two circles collided yesterday and everything seem to turn out fine, new friendships were made and we saw a lot of projects. Hope you all had fun, I did. Love you all.
No pictures today because I put my camera somewhere and it’s still there safe and sound and lonely.

Quilting Designs

Since I am actually finishing up some tops I have been looking for more quilting designs and quilting patterns on completed quilts. I came across a blog called Green Fairy QUILTS. If you want to see some lovely quilting, look at the March 26,2012 entry entitled Marlene’s Quilt. WOW!
GREAT PICTURES SHOWING DETAIL AND THE BACK OF THE QUILT. If you quilt, get tops quilted you have to see it.