First nice to hear from an old acquaintance, who is a great quilter. Been so busy lately that I haven’t been checking out too many other peoples blogs. Some local blogs I like to follow…
naturalgrrl’ who does not really post all that often, HINT, HINT JP, but her last post is on the Wellington County Museum, display of Log cabin quilts, still on till May 25th.
and If you read the latest post you’ll see beautiful scrap quilt DA has just done, gorgeous! And she says she used uglies? They did not turn out that way. If you go to her blog look at a button she has there a new BOM starting in July for all you Christmas fanatics.
Had a great class today, started off a little crazy, I welcomed my first student with a “OH CRAP!” Still in my jammmies, oops! But maybe that will be what my studio will be known for. Sleeping in? No. Comfort, come sew in your underwear, jammies or less!
It was Antique Quilts today, I have finished another block for Morrell Quilt and we worked on some tricky Dear Jane blocks.

Update on Houston – doing much better – almost back to normal. We had a little sit and sew party yesterday and she greeted everyone with joy, except BA, because she was stuck under the dining room table at the time. She was very good warming feet most of the day. Two circles collided yesterday and everything seem to turn out fine, new friendships were made and we saw a lot of projects. Hope you all had fun, I did. Love you all.
No pictures today because I put my camera somewhere and it’s still there safe and sound and lonely.


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